Below are introductions to our Pastor, Worship Leader, and Youth Leader.  We asked each of them to ponder the questions: Who is River Street becoming?  And, How does your role contribute to our unfolding story? 

Pastor: Matt Ingalls

I am a born and raised Hoosier.  I met my wife, Abbey, at Anderson University where I graduated in 2007 with a degree in Christian Ministries.  In Indiana I served as a director of outreach for Park Place Church of God from 2007 to 2010.  Abbey and I moved in 2010 from Indiana to Oregon for me to go to George Fox Seminary.  I finished in the spring of 2013 with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. 

I've now been serving at River Street for four years.  River Street is a unique little place.  We are a diverse group from all kinds of backgrounds at all kinds of life stations.  What bonds us together is a mutual, growing faith in Jesus Christ.  He makes us one and is making us one.  He also, compels us to serve our neighborhood.    As pastor of River Street I see my vocation summed up by the following: I'm a servant of Jesus working toward health and unity in our congregation and toward life-changing service in our world and neighborhood. 


Worship Leader: Tim Assad

My wife and I have been attending River Street almost since we moved to Newberg in 2014. We have found it to be a place with other like-hearted people who want to grow in Christ. I was drawn immediately by the regularity of shared meals, both because I love food and because I love the fellowship that can happen around the table.


I see River Street becoming a presence of compassion in the community. Since I joined the team in the Summer of 2015, I have continued to be struck by how we find ways to serve each other and the wider community. A big part of having that presence is consistency. As a congregation we reflect many lives changed by Christ, which inspires us to share life together and DO church, in celebrations, in hard times, and in worshipping together. As worship leader, I want to personally and as a congregation be open-hearted with God in all seasons, sincerely turning to Him as our reason for compassion, for shared life, and for being.

Youth Leader: Billy Effingham

I am an Oregon native, growing up in a small farm community in Central Oregon. I came to Newberg to attend George Fox University from where I graduated in 2013 with my Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries. I met my my beautiful wife Ana in High School after she moved there from San Diego. We are both passionate about loving, teaching, and mentoring the youth here at River Street.

River street is becoming more than just another Church. We are becoming a family who can help encourage and support each other in the ups and downs in life, as well as provide encouragement and love to the community of people around us by opening our doors to meet the needs of the community around us.

I hope that my role as the youth leader helps the youth of the community begin to establish confidence in the Church and Jesus by planning and facilitating activities and lessons for the youth to create relationships with God, each other, and the other family members of the Church. I hope that as the youth leader I can give youth a sincere, safe environment where they can freely express themselves as they grow into young adults.

Leadership Directory:

Office Administrator/Support Services - Joyce Hinkle

Finance Team - Nathan Shielee

Treasurer - Michael Harkema

Christian Education and Outreach - Debbie Spivey

Church Secretary - Angie Philpot

If you need to contact any of the above please call the office at 503-538-4117 or email